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Nydas Amoeba

Another single-key PCB for keyboards: Nydas Amoeba by Andy Sawyer.
Published February 22, 2023

Working on his Nydas keyboard, Andy Sawyer aka Cool_Telephone published a per-key PCB à la Amoeba – this one is Choc-spaced, supports low-pro hotswap sockets and LED.

[…] while this was intended for a specific purpose, I wanted to give back and share the gerber & kicad – Cool_Telephone.

The PCB was designed from scratch but as the Nydas Amoeba name implies, it takes inspiration from the Amoeba King PCB. Andy's goal was to deliver a PCB that was as small as possible while accommodating per-key RGB, hotswap, and fit Choc switches.

When printed as a panel, you can snap it down to your required rows and columns, and simply bridge solder the individual PCBs together.

And if you don't want RGB, you can go without the capacitor and the LED. In this case you don't need to connect the VCC or Data In/Out pads.


Published on Wed 22nd Feb 2023. Featured in KBD #114 (source).

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