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Ocreeb MK2

Salim Benbouziyane shared the files of his Ocreeb MK2, a modular macropad system exploring the idea of a custom magnetic connector that lets you attach all sorts of external modules.
Published January 24, 2024
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After last week's features (modue and Duet), here is another project with magnetic connectors: Ocreeb MK2 is the second iteration of Salim Benbouziyane's (@salimbenbouz) macropad.

In contrast to the original 12-key macropad, this version uses XIAO RP2040, supports hotswap sockets, a detachable switch plate, an OLED screen and various modules connected by magnetic connectors.

I'm exploring a fun new idea inspired by the Monogram Creative Console – a custom magnetic connector that lets me attach all sorts of external modules to make different layouts – Salim.


Specs (core module)

  • 12 keys
  • MX, hotswap or soldered
  • XIAO RP2040 controller
  • OLED
  • encoder
  • magnetic connectors

Beside the core macropad module, there are additional elements of the system available: combo, faders, dials module.


As it's clearly detailed by the author, there are still major performance issues when using multiple external modules. This is probably due to the implementation of the shared interrupt.


Build video


While the project is not entirely open source, the Gerbers and step files to reproduce the Ocreeb macropad are all available on github:

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Published on Wed 24th Jan 2024. Featured in KBD #152.


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