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Open Deck

Open Deck is a macropad with a customizable image behind every key – shared by joshr120.
Published September 7, 2023
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Fellow redditor joshr120 published Open Deck, an open-source macro keyboard or streamdeck with images behind acrylic buttons.

Originally designed to be a low cost alternative to the stream deck it has the ability to be used for much more such as a smart home controller thanks to its WiFi enabled ESP8266 microcontroller – Josh.

In contrast to similar projects, e.g. thpoll's Poly Keyboard (where tiny displays sit on top of MX switches), the Open Deck utilizes a single large display beneath transparent keys which trigger mouse switches on the perimeter of the PCB/case.


The software provided helps to update the images as well as the macros assigned to each button. The folder structure allows 6 different apps to be configured with 3 macro keys each.

Assembly video:


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Published on Thu 7th Sep 2023. Featured in KBD #202309.


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