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Open-source Zodiark cases

Levener created different versions of 3D printable cases for the Zodiark by Split Logic Keyboards.
Published November 5, 2021

STL files:

There are two versions. One is magnetic and gasket-mount, the other is the usual bolt together type. There is also a magnetic top half designed for those with 1.3" OLEDs. The rest of the files are for 0.96" OLEDs.

For the magnetic one, a version is included with the grille area filled in underneath which is nice for printing in a clear resin and acting as a light diffuser. The diffuser insert is also included separately – Levener.

There is also a 5 degree sloped bottom "tent" in wrist-rest and no wrist-rest versions.

Printing with filament? Either bolt or magnetic versions will work for you. Printing with resin? You can't melt resin for heat set inserts so go with the magnetic version.

Published on Fri 5th Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #51 (source).

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