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Open-sourced flexible PCBs

Fmcraft published his flexible Dactyl Manuform PCBs.
Published October 22, 2021
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The BastardKB's Dactyl Manuform Flexible PCBs go open-source:

[…] you shouldn't order that in flex. Normal PCB with .6mm thickness is more than enough. .8mm will also work but you will struggle a bit more during installation – Fmcraft.

If you want to modify the design files, the Kicad sources are included. If you just want to order the PCBs, check out the Release section which contain the gerber files.

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Published on Fri 22nd Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #49 (source).



DigDug is weteor's latest model in the Orthocade family: with some exploded key groups.


Dani Klein open sourced her Serendipity, a 60-key board with a pretty crazy layout.


Kurp is a 36-key ortholinear keyboard – open-sourced by quirk.

Mantis v0.2

Felix Kuehling's Mantis v0.2, sporting HEX keycaps, has now PCBs on two levels to imitate tenting.

Mantis with Hex caps

The Mantis prototype, shared by Felix Kuehling, is designed around the Hex caps.

Orthocade family

Weteor has published some new ortho keyboards with his hallmark offset spacebar forming the Orthocade family.