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Skribbles4420 shared the files of his OpenOT, a 5x11 ortholinear keyboard with an integrated trackball.
Published September 16, 2022

You could see some photos from Skribbles aka Skycode22 on his OpenOT, with the first teaser posted more than a month ago, but he just got back to me with the files which are publicly available now.

OpenOT is an ortholinear keyboard with a trackball integrated to the right side (the design could be mirrored for left-handed users).

The trackball mount used is called OpenMount, another open-source project of the author, and can be used for other trackball designs as well.

The OpenMount uses 10mmx4mmx5mm roller bearings, I found the larger size to impact smoothness and longevity in a positive way – Skribbles.

The encoder wheel is a unique orientation that is embedded into the case and trackball and requires a bit of technical knowhow to get it right.


The encoder wheel also needs a "center axle" that goes through and also connects inside the encoder wheel.

Personally I have been using 1.5mm steel baling wire that I cut and straighten to the right length, and then flattening out one end so that it "keys" into the encoder.


Published on Fri 16th Sep 2022. Featured in KBD #95 (source).

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