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Orbitouch keyless keyboard review

Chyrosran22 reviews the keyless orbiTouch device – and is not really impressed.
Published December 23, 2021

According to the official website, OrbiTouch Keyless Keyboard was developed to help persons with injuries or disabilities type painlessly. "It is currently the only ergonomic keyboard to use domes instead of keys to type and mouse."

Speaking of pain, this product is probably ONLY for people with disabilities. At least that's what Chyrosran's reaction suggests:

To sum up his opinion:

What pee-brained moronic dickweed farmer thought that this was even a remotely acceptable idea? – Chyrosran22.

Well, it wasn't a farmer but Dr. Peter McAlindon, a doctoral student in Industrial Engineering at the University of Central Florida, who developed this technology after he started to experience repetitive stress injury in his hands due to long hours of typing papers.

Using comprehensive research, Dr. McAlindon was able to design a keyboard that minimized hand and wrist motion, thereby alleviating pain and allowing for more productive use (source).

OrbiTouch has won a number of industry awards praising design and ease of use. Even someone in the comment section below Chyrosran's video points out that, although the build quality is indeed atrocious for something with a $400 price tag, it helps people with disabilities:

One of my coworkers has a daughter I believe with cerebral palsy and she doesn't have any ability to do fine motor movements so she can't use a mouse and relies on this keyboard. [...] He's told me that his daughter who went through college with them, but went through six or seven of them in the process. [...] She was able to get to around 12 [WPM] – ireakhavok.

I have to add that there were some people without any disabilities who were apparently more successful with getting accustomed to the orbiTouch compared to Chyrosran:

Published on Thu 23rd Dec 2021. Featured in KBD #58 (source).

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