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Orthocade family

Weteor has published some new ortho keyboards with his hallmark offset spacebar forming the Orthocade family.
Published February 4, 2023
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After the SPC EVDR, weteor added three more ortholinear keyboards to his Orthocade family:

I've continued playing with ortho layouts and just open sourced three new keyboards. I am calling it the 'Orthocade' family, cause it started with the Spc Evdr and grew from there, so they all got names from old video games – weteor.

Currently there are four boards in the line-up:

  • Spc Evdr, featured in KBD#104.
  • Brk Out, which evolved from the Spc Evdr to provide a bit more space for the hands and also have the possibility to stretch the spacebar area to a more standard 6u.
  • Froggr, which extends to 12u to have room for standard modifiers.
  • DigDug – 12u, derived from 3x5 layouts with macro and arrow keys added without loosing the symmetry of ortho boards.

All of these boards feature the same Resin with acrylic inlay case design where bottom and top are held together by magnets and the top case has a 3mm recessed area, where a laser cut acrylic sheet can be glued or stuck in place. Also works with 3mm laser cut metal, like seen on the Brk Out which has a stainless steel inlay:



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Published on Sat 4th Feb 2023. Featured in KBD #113 (source).



Weteor's Kong, following his naming convention, is a 48-key orthogonal keyboard with offset bottom row.

Noname ortho

A noname 5x14 ortho keyboard with underside socketed STM32 Blackpill – open sourced by steven3051.


The Gherkin++ is u/bgkendall's approach to augment the classic 3x10 layout.


Beyblock20 – a modular magnetic macropad system by u/sporewoh.


u/Subrezon's la_nc is a Pro Micro based 42-key ortholinear keyboard.


The Matcha59 is a hand-wired, angled, 3D-printable Preonic alternative by rykbio.