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The split Ortholily is ortholinear, 3D-printed, handwired – and it's marcdosh575's first keyboard design.
Published July 23, 2022

This is marcdosh575 aka maku57's first custom split keyboard: the Ortholily. Its layout is based on the Lily58, but is ortholinear, 3D-printed, handwired – and the author published the STLs.

I've built a Dactyl Manuform a while ago then quickly realized that it's not the most portable of keyboards. I searched around and while I think that the Redox was a good alternative, I wanted something smaller and simpler with tenting capabilities – marcdosh575.

Designed in Freecad, the STL files are available on Printables.

And here is a PDF with a quick and dirty build guide, BOM, and some more photos.

Published on Sat 23rd Jul 2022. Featured in KBD #88 (source).

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