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Os eruditio

u/Signynt's heavily tented case for the Keebio Levinson, dubbed Os eruditio, was inspired by the organic shapes of bones.
Published January 30, 2022

Designed this board I call the Os eruditio (meaning "bone of knowledge/removing oneself from ignorance", very cheesy, I know) for the Keebio Levinson PCB – Signynt.

The idea behind this board was to be able to use a trackball mouse together with it, thus having a kind of "integrated trackball", but being more flexible, and being able to remove the mouse to be used on its own, or moved around to be more comfortable.

The case was designed with this restriction in mind, allowing plenty of space underneath the board for the mouse to sit.

To maintain a stable case that would be able to support the keyboard, its shape was designed using Fusion 360 "Generative Design", "simulating the weight distribution under the parameters I set".

I was looking for this kind of organic, bone like design, which also allows for a cheaper 3D print.

The case was printed in Nylon 12, the plate is polished stainless steel.

This typing test demonstrates how the author uses the board with a trackball mouse.

Published on Sun 30th Jan 2022. Featured in KBD #63 (source).

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