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Osprette V3

The Osprette V3 is the third revision of Sam Mohr's 34-key unibody keyboard.
Published June 23, 2023
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Here is the Osprette V3 by Sam Mohr aka S'mores/smores56. The third revision of the Osprette is a 34-key unibody keyboard that runs on any Pro Micro compatible daughterboard. It comes with bluetooth support by way of battery terminals and a power switch.

Originally based on Brow's Balbuzard, Sam found that adding some extra space between the halves, rearranging the thumb cluster, ditching some keys, increasing the pinky stagger, and adding a power switch for bluetooth may result in a better design for himself.

I am a big fan of the Balbuzard, especially the secret choc version that Brow sent to me. However, there were some things I wanted to change – S'mores.


The V3 is an amalgam of the author's favorite bits from other boards:

  • Splay and stagger from the Clog V2.
  • 50 degree inner angle from the Balbuzard
  • Wide primary thumb keys like Le Chiffre
  • New outline contrasting splayed keys with octagonal angles, inspired by Geist's TOTEM
  • Asymmetric controller placement from the Reviung series
  • Solder-only (no hotswap sockets) and no mounting holes from iamnotyourbroom's KISS philosophy


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Published on Fri 23rd Jun 2023. Featured in KBD #125 (source).



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