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Osprey is an low-profile open-source monoblock split by ebastler.
Published November 17, 2022

This Osprey (we already had another one) is a 40% wireless monoblock keyboard with onboard MCU – designed by ebastler.

The PCB and 3D-printable case are both open source.

The board was designed to be an elegant and sleek unibody keyboard, without sacrificing typing comfort or portability. While the enclosure has raised edges to hide the keyswitches for a more refined look, it is still as slim as possible with Choc v1 switches, leading to a total thickness of about 16 mm from bottom to keycap top, if used with MBK keycaps – ebastler.

If you'd prefer something with a daugtherboard rather than the onboard nRF52840 chip, Leo published a remix of this design with an RP2040-Zero: the Zerosprey42 (wired).


Published on Thu 17th Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #103.

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Richard Sutherland's framedeck is his take on the slab style computers like the TRS-80 model 100 – using the Framework motherboard.


u/SouthPawEngineer made a set of Raspberry Pi powered keyboards – low-profile monoblocks for different tastes.

Handwired ortho with PCB

A handwired ortho with PCB? - with photolog by bgkendall.


Fusion is u/steven4012's foldable travel board – with all the source files.

Unsplit Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up! turned into a monoblock by u/ak66666 – with one more level.

Split typewriter

Rheinmetall Portable Ergonomic Typewriter from ~1935. Posted by hardboiledbabylon (r/mk).