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Pabile published the files of the P60, a 5x12 ortholinear keyboard with RGB and encoder.
Published February 1, 2024
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The P60 (Pabile 60-Key) is a 5x12 grid ortholinear keyboard powered by RP2040 Pico microcontroller. P60 features one rotary encoder at top right corner, north facing hot swap MX switch sockets and per key RGB backlight.

Wifey informed me that our 6 month-old Kiki the Cat passed away. This is the reason why I am releasing the P60. I am trying to celebrate the happy times we had with her – Pabile.


  • 57-60 keys
  • MX, hotswap
  • RP2040 Pico
  • per-key LED (SK6812 MNINI-E)
  • optional encoder

Orientation of RGB LEDs rotates per (physical) row - white dot is the GND marker. (First row have LED GND at top left, 2nd have LED GND at bottom right, and so on.) Diode direction all points Up. A pin out connected to GP12 and GND is open for additional peripheral.



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Published on Thu 1st Feb 2024. Featured in KBD #153.


Ortholinear with training wheels

Ortholinear with standard keycap set by mister_bouch.


Weteor's Kong, following his naming convention, is a 48-key orthogonal keyboard with offset bottom row.


BFB_Workshop's Compaq'ed is an ortholinear replacement PCB for the Cherry G80-11800.

Spacey: for keyset compatibility

The Spacey by Fightmeintheshower is an ortho built to utilize standard keysets.

Ortho Protozoa P02

u/smellycoat made an ortholinear PCB to fit a Protozoa P02 case – with a giant knob.


Skywatch is a nice orthoish monoblock split by Özkan Çelik.