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PCB 68 keyboard

A bluetooth PCB via SuperMini in a wooden case: PCB 68 keyboard by alan0ford.
Published February 19, 2024
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Inspired by the layout of the Ikki 68, alan0ford's PCB 68 is a plateless design in a case handmade out of plywood.

Second (an final) attempt to build a wooden case around my first PCB – alan0ford.


  • MX, soldered
  • plateless design
  • SuperMini NRF52580 controller (nice!nano compatible)
  • Case: plywood, handmade
  • Keycaps: CRP-X Parallel Worlds
  • Switches: WS Jade POM linear 50g




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Published on Mon 19th Feb 2024. Featured in KBD #156.


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