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The PNCATEHO by aroum is a 10-key chording keyboard for Russian.
Published April 17, 2024
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Aroum's PNCATEHO (РИСАТЕНО) was created as a rethinking of ARTSEY for the Russian language, thus the Cyrillic letters stand for RISATENO.

The name is made up of the letters on the main layer which were selected according to the Russian letter frequency.


  • 10 keys, ortho
  • Choc V1 switches, Choc spacing
  • Direct pins
  • reversible PCB
  • Wireless (optional)
  • Per switch RGB (optional)
  • Power switch for wireless controllers (optional)
  • Two halves placed on one 100x100mm PCB (optional)

If you'd like to dig deeper, similar one-handed projects featured earlier are: Artsy Fartsy, Octopus Trio, but also the Mist and the two-handed UT22.


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Published on Wed 17th Apr 2024. Featured in KBD #162 (source).


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