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Pangaea released

More than a year after the announcement, Pangaea 1.2 with its notoriously flexible layout has been released.
Published December 27, 2022
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The Pangaea, a long-time project of @k2, @otahinosame and @e3w2q, is now released (version 1.2).

I'm pretty sure many of you will remember it from last December (KDB#55), but here is a short reminder:

Pangaea is a column staggered keyboard that allows you to adjust the layout for the pinky and thumb areas relatively freely.

Isolating the layout into several “islands”, it allows the user to move around each part: the main body, the thumb cluster, and the pinky section.


Development started in June 2021, and after a long testing phase, things are getting a bit eventful these days: version 1.2 files have been published, just like a whitepaper on the concept, along with an introductory article in the Japanese MK advent calendar. In addition, the detailed build guide has been updated as well, which is a valuable resource on its own.


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Published on Tue 27th Dec 2022. Featured in KBD #109.


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