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Parametric keycap design

Showcasing the Riskeyboard 70's features, riskable introduces the GEM profile created with his Keycap Playground tool.
Published September 2, 2021
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Of all the crazy features presented in this post I can't remember featuring the Keycap Playground, so here it is:

The Keycap Playground is a parametric OpenSCAD keycap generator made by riskable for creating keycaps of all shapes, profiles and sizes.

GitHub repo:

And here's a nice demo video introducing some options and parameters:

(More of riskable's cool stuff featured earlier: Riskeyboard70 PCB, IR receiver, Hall effect switches, etc.)

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Published on Thu 2nd Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #42 (source).


HEX keycaps

HEX keycaps have a low-pro hexagonal profile – designed and manufactured by s-ol and FKcaps for Choc switches.

XVX Cube keycaps

XVX is planning on releasing their transparent Cube keycaps with detachable legends.

Keycaps from bottle caps

LODGE, a Japanese makerspace offers workshops where you can make your own keycaps from bottle caps.


After last week's post, Kate of HIBI got back to me with more info on her uniform BLOCK keycap profile.

Doubleshots from 1988

Doubleshots do wear out over time. Photo taken by jsheradin.

Cherry row identifier

u/Hekekee designed a 3D-printable tool for identifying Cherry keycaps' row.