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Parametric keycap design

Showcasing the Riskeyboard 70's features, riskable introduces the GEM profile created with his Keycap Playground tool.
Published September 2, 2021
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Of all the crazy features presented in this post I can't remember featuring the Keycap Playground, so here it is:

The Keycap Playground is a parametric OpenSCAD keycap generator made by riskable for creating keycaps of all shapes, profiles and sizes.

GitHub repo:

And here's a nice demo video introducing some options and parameters:

(More of riskable's cool stuff featured earlier: Riskeyboard70 PCB, IR receiver, Hall effect switches, etc.)

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Published on Thu 2nd Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #42 (source).


Visiting GMK

Oblotzky's write-up on visiting GMK's new production facility.

Fractal keyboard

This render of a split keyboard half by Wizarddata inspired Valarauka_ to come up with the idea of a fractal keyboard. Put on my list right after the book keyboard.

MBK shine-through

The range of low profile keycap options may grow further with MBK Legend‡ Glow [IC] (gallery). Posted by fk-caps.

MBK Legend is coming

MBK keycaps (for Choc low profile switches) are finally going to be available with legends.


FGHTR SWTCH is a unique artisan keycap housing by mecxlabs.

WDA profile

WDA is a sculpted, spherical, middle-height keycap profile. The first set is available on zFrontier.