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Patrick: a 44 key unsplit

A 44 key unsplit keyboard by ak66666, combining the Crocodox halves into one.

STL files:

Fusion 360 project:

This is a remix of the author's split Crocodox keyboard.

I use it for quite a while and seem to find the perfect angle between the halves. I wanted a slimmer version of them, so I combined the halves into one simple board. The result is not as slim as I hoped though. The next stop is a custom PCB then – ak66666.

The main idea was to have a top plate thick enough to fit the switches bottom part. That plate should be more rigid than the original board.

Also I wanted to use the Cherry-MX keycap-compatible Kailh switches for which I do have a nice set of key caps, but I completely forgot about difference in their size, so I used the "regular" Kailh Choc ones. So this is just another interim design on the eternal journey to an ideal.

Published on Thu 7th Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #47 (source).


Concertina MX first draft print

Concertina MX first draft print by BHRobots. Based on VIktor Eikman's Concertina, adapted to fit MX switches.

Wireless solar board

A wireless keyboard that never has to be plugged in.]] Committed by SouthPawEngineer.