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Peacock trackpad

Peacock is a big standalone QMK trackpad shared by George Norton.
Published February 15, 2024
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George Norton's Peacock is a big (7 inch 16:9) QMK powered trackpad built around a RP2040 controller and a MicroChip MaxTouch touchscreen controller. The sensor itself is formed by arranging copper diamonds on the PCB which are then connected to form rows and columns. Check out the repo for more details.

The trackpad is named peacock as it's an officially recognised navigational star. It's a bit of an unusual star name as not many are English language – George.

The case was designed by Tom Barnes (aka the keyboard magpie bomtarnes).

The PCB is split into two halves, the top part houses the sensor, the MaxTouch controller and an indicator LED. The bottom part houses the usual RP2040 controller and its supporting components, 5 Choc or MX switches and 2 EC11 or EC12 encoders. There is also per key RGB.

The two boards are connected with a VIK cable (more about Sadek Baroudi's standard proposal here and here).

The build is designed to be factory assembled.

Pic: Peacock PCB

Peacock PCB


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Published on Thu 15th Feb 2024. Featured in KBD #155 (source).



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