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Peanut Matcha Jade

A 5x6 Dactyl Manuform variation by Mike Pisman – with 5 thumb keys and smooth edges.
Published April 16, 2022
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A 5x6 Dactyl Manuform variation by Mike Pisman aka mpisman – with 5 thumb keys and smooth edges.

This is my first Dactyl Manuform keyboard. I made a variation of Dactyl 5x6 with 5 keys for thumb cluster. I wanted to smooth out edges of the keyboard and that's what came out – mpisman.

STL files and more photos available on GitHub:

  • Print parameters: 0.12 mm layer height and Polly Terra PLA filament.
  • Logical layout: Halmak with minor modifications.
  • Keycaps: PBT ZDA Match.

Workflow of smoothing out the edges:

I used some generator to get an step file, I think it was this one, then edited it using Shapr3Dmpisman.
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Published on Sat 16th Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #74 (source).


Sweep keyboards

Sweep is a family of Ferris-derivatives featuring daughterboards instead of onboard controllers.


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Zodiark PCB kits coming soon (for real this time)! by S_Dev.

Unnamed monoblock

An unnamed monoblock split keyboard by UmmUhhhShit.


RaphCoder13 designed Birdy44, a handwired split with dual trackpads and tented case.


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