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Peregrine, a wireless ergonomic board by SouthPawEngineer with a built in trackpad module that can be removed and used separately.
Published July 18, 2021
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The Peregrin is hot swappable, low profile, and uses Choc spacing for the sake of compactness.

The trackpad module is a ProLab mouse, which was a kickstarter. It uses a trackball module that is similar to the ones popping up around here, but is self contained and has a few additional buttons and acts as fully independent mouse.

It's a low tech way to integrate pointing functionality into a ZMK keyboard - it's simply attached with some velcro, so you can pull it out and use it separately.

Otherwise, the board has a Pro Micro compatible footprint because SouthPawEngineer has got lots of compatible boards that are both wired and wireless, so it makes it easy to throw in whatever controller.

I'm using the two five way switches and the small black tactile buttons you see in the top middle section as its own number row. The bottom middle piece is a low profile jog wheel rotary encoder.
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Published on Sun 18th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #35 (source).


Yamada Willow

Daraku-Neko's Yamada Willow is a monoblock split with the Willow layout and an ambidextrous numpad.


A 3D-printed, handwired keyboard by u/aionskull: the primpkeeb.

Chouchou keyboard

Dane Lipscombe published his Chouchou, a minimalist monoblock split designed to be used with the Taipo chording system.


Easonstons shared Apodiformbird, a 18-key minimalist monoblock split inspired by the Hummingbird.

Gleb's handwired one

Gleb Sabirzyanov posted his colorful unnamed unibody keyboard.


Tamago324 published his nowt36, a classy angled monoblock split.