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An open-source and easy-to-build steno keyboard for use with Plover: Peridot by Ewen Cluney.
Published June 23, 2023
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The Peridot is an open-source steno keyboard for use with Plover, designed by Ewen Cluney from Weirdlittlekeebs, meant to be easy to build with standard DIY mechanical keyboard components.

There are now several steno keyboard designs, but I wanted to make one that was simple and open source, both to fill that particular niche and to give something back to the Plover community – nekoewen.

If you’re not familiar with stenography, check out the Open Steno Project for links to the free software, learning resources, and other info to help you get started.


  • Pro Micro compatible
  • supports both MX and Choc switches
  • through-hole components
  • has the option to add an LED strip for underglow


  • The design is open-source: GitHub repo
  • PCBs available on Etsy, where Ewen will periodically put pre-built ones up for sale as well.
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Published on Fri 23rd Jun 2023. Featured in KBD #125.



A steno keyboard, proto2, designed and shared by u/d3zd3z.


The StenoWord is a Japanese chorded keyboard for professionals doing subtitles for live broadcasts.

Another steno one

A custom keyboard for stenography by silly_world.

Type-Writing Machine, 1879

The first(?) steno machine patented by Miles M. Bartholomew in 1879.


The Uncokeeb by bluesocarrot is a per-finger chorded keyboard concept prototype.

Heavily modified GiGi

A row less traveled with Anodynousaur's heavily modified GiGi derivative.