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Pica40 v2.1

Some updates to the Pica40 – v2.1 published by zzeneg.
Published March 23, 2023
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After sharing his Pica40 v2 and PicaChoc36, Evgenii Vilkov aka zzeneg is back with Pica40 v2.1.

Just a small incremental update to my Pica40 keyboard – zzeneg.


  • TRRS support added so it can be used instead of USB-C if you prefer it (or just don't want to solder USB-C connectors).
  • Rotary encoder can be on any side, not only left one as before.
  • 3D printed case has a better shape, has more battery space and there is also a thin version now, as low as regular MX can go – thanks to the bottom plate with cutouts and a rubber sheet instead of usual legs. Top plate is only 9.3mm from table.
  • Pic: Pica bottom plate

    Pica bottom plate


    • 40 keys
    • splay
    • XIAO controller footprint


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    Published on Thu 23rd Mar 2023. Featured in KBD #117 (source).



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