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Pimoroni trackball top shell

Khord shared a top shell for Pimoroni trackballs.

Designed this top shell to replace the shroud that comes attached over the pimoroni trackball. The stock trackball shell is removed by gently squeezing the retention clips together underneath the PCB – Khord.

The additional purposes of the shell are to shroud the breakout solder pins as well as provide a level housing extending the original top face of the stock shell to be flush with M2 hex socket head cap mounting screws.

The file is really only designed for MJF, SLA, SLS printing or similar. The thin roof of the trackball cavity and its hole edge radiusing do not play well with FDM, making it not sit flush against the trackball housing and PCB.

Thingiverse, Github.

You can order MJF prints from Shapeways.

Published on Mon 30th Aug 2021. Featured in KBD #41 (source).


Trackball companion for split keyboards

Ploopy: a ball-only trackball companion for split keyboards by crop_octagon (docs).

IBM Model M5-2

An IBM Model M5-2 with a cute little trackball. Posted by opalinemoth.


Ploopy Mini open-sourced

The Ploopy Mini Trackball by crop_octagon is now completely open-source. All design files are available and runs QMK.