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Pinkytyl V2.1

A new revision of the Pinkytyl by ripxorip, this time with Chocs.
Published November 1, 2021
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It's a new revision of my Pinkytyl design :) So far it feels really good to type on. I have never tried low profile switches before and I must say that I quite like it – ripxorip.

I'm not sure these files in the repository are for the exact same variant:

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Published on Mon 1st Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #50 (source).


Tenting solution

A tenting method with all the necessary links by mkarikom.


The unique ergoLogic keyboard with adjustable tenting angle – posted by u/datnarwhal4.

Dactyl manuform 4x5 skeleton

A WIP Dactyl manuform 4x5 skeleton edition by Prestigious-Cookie42.

Pica40 v2

Evgenii Vilkov's Pica40 v2 is a wired/wireless split with splay and XIAO MCUs.


The SeveredDuck36, a 36-key split keyboard inspired by the Kyria and Arch-36, is now released by CyanDuck17.


Pete Johanson's revxlp is a variant of the Reviung41 keyboard, but low profile, and supports controllers with the XIAO footprint.