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Ikeji's Pittheus is a foldable monoblock keyboard with a clever hinge mechanism.
Published November 30, 2022
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Our good old friend Ikeji, who had more than a heavy hand in the Google JP stick keyboard, came back to me (thanks!) with his Pittheus, a cool 3D foldable ortho keyboard with Atreus angles.

I've been eyeing with this exciting project since early October but the project page was published only recently.

We've seen foldable keyboards before, but usually they were intended to fold on a different plane: to adjust the angle between the halves. So I deem this design a unique foldable mechanism which results in an angled monoblock keyboard. Very cool.


  • The layout is based on the common 4x6 arrangement with 2 extra keys added at the hinges.
  • 16mm spacing to achieve a more compact device.
  • Both the left and right halves are tilted by 20° which was inspired by a similar angle of the Atreus.
  • The name Pittheus is derived from Atreus, and it's a reference to Greek mythology as well (Pittheus).
  • The USB cable is fixed to the keyboard, and can be wrapped around the whole thing in its closed state.

While the Pittheus already looks awesome, the author is going to make a low profile version:

I think it’s too thick. I think I should use low profile switches instead of the Cherry MX style ones – Ikeji.

Unfortunately, the files are not open source, better said Ikeji has no particular plans with the design yet. He told me he may share the files in the future.


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Published on Wed 30th Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #105 (source).



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