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Planck/Preonic SVG generator

Create you own Planck/Preonic keymap with this tool by BXO511.
Published July 18, 2021

This Python script was made by BXO511 to generate a keymap for his Planck keyboards - it can be used for Preonic and other ortho boards as well.

The style is close to the "official" Planck folder you get with your Planck keyboard from OLKB. You can edit the style, fonts and colors in the generated .svg file.

The script and description is on this github page:

The script itself is not very refined, you have to edit the SVG by hand to put in the legends, but it has potential and still may come in handy for some ortho users.

The default prints random chars in the center of the caps and on all corners. After you generate the .svg file you have to edit the file (with a text editor) to add your own legends to the different layers. The random chars are just placeholders.

Keyboard Layout Editor is definitely an alternative, and it lets you edit the keymap graphically not only as text content:

Yes, I have used that before – it’s a nice tool, but I liked the layout from the official OLKB folder - so I tried to recreate that ;-)

Published on Sun 18th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #35 (source).

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