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Sandalmoth published the Powerspill, a Dactyl-like split with keywell.
Published March 22, 2024
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The handwired Powerspill, designed by Sandalmoth, is yet another Dactyl-like split with keywell.

My first design had the keys just a bit too close together and a thumb angle that was too steep for my hands. I also decided to add another row, as I find that it's pretty easy to reach and didn't see the harm in having it – Sandalmoth.

Initial layout created via OpenSCAD, design done in Blender.

Design considerations

  • The stagger is "a mix of vertical and back to front".
  • Pinky keys are slightly closer together than the others
  • Columns are flatter on the far end than on the close end.
  • The thumb cluster angle is reduced compared to previous designs.
  • Pitch is 17.5 mm vertical (16.5 for pinkies) and ~19 mm horizontal.


The author found that he doesn't really use his pinkies for the number row, so two keys in the top row are positioned for the ring finger – that's why the unusual shape.


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Published on Fri 22nd Mar 2024. Featured in KBD #159 (source).


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