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A displaced ortho by James Gzowski: Proteus67 – with encoder.
Published November 11, 2023
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Fellow redditor James Gzowski (aka Flexyjerkov/gzowski) shared Proteus67, a 66-key monoblock split(?) ortholinear keyboard with displaced halves and offset bottom row, plus a rotary encoder in the middle (the 67th key).

Guess I should give some info about it, it's my own board design based on what I like with both the Planck ortho boards and my Lily58 – Flexyjerkov.

If you like this layout, you may check out the works of weteor and wayduh too.


  • 14x5 layout (33 keys per hand)
  • MX, soldered
  • Rotary encoder in the middle
  • 13cm/130mm space between home position F/J keys
  • Underglow LEDs, angled 90 degrees to provide light to edges


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Published on Sat 11th Nov 2023. Featured in KBD #143 (source).



Kurp is a 36-key ortholinear keyboard – open-sourced by quirk.

Bloq 36

The split Bloq 36 by Kunsteak features thumb clusters on a lower plane.

Lighting controller cyberdeck

A portable DMX lighting controller posted by u/aleigh9812.

Pi5 case with cover

The angled ortho Pi5 keyboard by ihihbs has no a MCU cover and a case.


A 4x10 ortho with a rotary encoder and LCD: freaku4X by u/sporewoh.


The split Ortholily is ortholinear, 3D-printed, handwired – and it's marcdosh575's first keyboard design.