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Protocol Seven

Protocol Seven, a monoblock split by PM_ME_YOUR_MAINFRAME with a numpad in the center comes with source files.
Published November 1, 2021
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Stumbled upon a comment in the SuperLyra post and reached out to PM_ME_YOUR_MAINFRAME in the hope of more info about his Protocol Seven project.

As it turns out, this is a quite old design, but he was kind enough to share some pictures and even the PCB files.



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Published on Mon 1st Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #50.



Giraffasax made an unsplit and splayed Lily58: the SpUnLy58. The files are available on github.

Weikav Record Alice review

The Weikav Record Alice is an ultra-affordable kit if we consider the anodized alu case and the neat leaf-spring suspension.

An Atreus with trackpoint

This Atreus modified by jfl209 features a trackpoint, layer indicator LEDs and Commodore caps.


The UniChunky by u/tenstaana is basically two Chunkys fused together.


The Cornball by Protieusz is a heavily modified Cornelius – with an integrated trackball and some LEDs.


A low profile Atreus62 variant by tahnok42 with Kailh Choc V2 and plate files.