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ProtonPad - a QMK showcase

The ProtonPad makes use of ALL features of QMK. Designed by SouthPawEngineer.

Published on Mon 18th Jan 2021. Featured in KBD #4 (source).


Plinky, a PCB-synth

Plinky is an 8-voice polyphonic touch synthesiser that specialises in melancholic sounds.


Fractal keyboard

This render of a split keyboard half by Wizarddata inspired Valarauka_ to come up with the idea of a fractal keyboard. Put on my list right after the book keyboard.


Key-Flex keyboards

Key-Flex is a family of keyboards with a unique structure and sensor mechanism.


Split keyboard concept for designers

A designer-friendly split keyboard concept by samanpwbb with 9 extra keys on the left for often used hotkeys.