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Purple Mountain Majesty

The Purple Mountain Majesty project by I_Am_Dixon_Cox involved CNC cutting and building a custom 3D printer.
Published May 29, 2021
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The keyplate is CNC cut from an aluminum print of the author's photography. He had to build a custom 3D printer to make the frame in one piece.

This design inherits some enhancements from previous builds: backspace on the thumb-row, Q/P mirroring, one-key Ctrl-Alt-Delete, one-key Lock Workstation, media and volume controls, and an enhanced 20-key number pad.

Photos and build log:

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Published on Sat 29th May 2021. Featured in KBD #28 (source).


Wood and epoxy

A handwired board with wooden case and epoxy light diffusor layer by wolfrats with video documentation.


Pteron56: Alexander's handwired build is based on FSund's design. Some new plates added to the project.

Building the naked keyboard

A picture-heavy build guide to the naked keyboard by onebigdoor. No plate, no case, no PCB - no problem.

Handwired ortho with PCB

A handwired ortho with PCB? - with photolog by bgkendall.

Threaded Dactyl Flex

u/Diitsuku designed and shared a threaded Dactyl Flex with a clever mechanism to adjust the tenting angle.

Unnamed 65

The semi-handwired Unnamed 65 by icelongclaw features Amoeba PCBs and has a public KLE layout.