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QMK Heatmap Generator

The QMK Heatmap Generator is a web-tool to generate _accurate_ heatmaps of QMK keyboards. A project by modtap.
Published March 14, 2021

What's visualized is all the physical keys you've pressed, it doesn't matter what layer was active at the time of the keypress.

Published on Sun 14th Mar 2021. Featured in KBD #17 (source).

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tt - A typing test for your terminal

tt is a command line typing test from woefullywistful who also created

Switching to Colemak

The main stages and impressions of Tanukishouten switching to Colemak during the holidays. A TypeRacer equivalent for programmers (posted by pumpkin_link).

The T-34 keyboard layout

The T-34 keyboard layout by jonas_h.

Towards better typing apps

Nonsense, a typing app by lifow generates random texts according to real word frequencies.

Keyboard Yoga

Keyboard Yoga by ZSA Technology Labs is a different sort of typing trainer.