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KeyboardDweebs' open-source Quetzal is not the usual 100% keyboard you'd expect.
Published January 11, 2023
Creators! Feel free to tip me off about your keyboard related projects to bring them to 100K readers.

Quetzal by keyboarddweebs – continuing naming his boards after bird species – has a 100%ish layout, but with a monoblock angled body and the numpad on the left.

This is my first commission. I call it the Quetzal. it's open source! more details in the comments – keyboarddweebs.

The board uses a Pico Zero MCU and uses a Japanese duplex matrix to accommodate such a small controller. The firmware for now is PRK because of its built-in duplex matrix support.


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Published on Wed 11th Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #111 (source).


Barobord PCB

The barobord repo keeps growing: PCB for MX and Choc switches, cases, etc. - by sadekbaroudi.

Monoblock Dactyl

A monoblock Dactyl by OmnisaiRen with build log and files to print.

Atreyu Rev2 MX

Jesus Climent shared the MX version of his Atreyu Rev2.


Ajisai is a 58-key handwired monoblock wireless build by u/DCharlo.

Phaethon prototype

Phaethon is a through-hole keyboard with a solar panel – designed by u/mrninhvn.

A low profile portable BLE design

A new low profile portable BLE design by SouthPawEngineer with scroll wheel.