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KeyboardDweebs' open-source Quetzal is not the usual 100% keyboard you'd expect.
Published January 11, 2023

Quetzal by keyboarddweebs – continuing naming his boards after bird species – has a 100%ish layout, but with a monoblock angled body and the numpad on the left.

This is my first commission. I call it the Quetzal. it's open source! more details in the comments – keyboarddweebs.

The board uses a Pico Zero MCU and uses a Japanese duplex matrix to accommodate such a small controller. The firmware for now is PRK because of its built-in duplex matrix support.


Published on Wed 11th Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #111 (source).

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The btrfld

u/SolidusHal's btrfld is a quite unique foldable, low profile, tenting keyboard.

Rocksolid prototype

Rocksolid is a collab between tenstaana and a mashup of their Chunky and Rock on keyboards.

Cat-shaped keyboard

A cat-shaped design by cashmeerkat77 for inspiration (with gallery).

An Atreus with trackpoint

This Atreus modified by jfl209 features a trackpoint, layer indicator LEDs and Commodore caps.

SR Mont Cervin

SR Mont Cervin by Syryan is a versatile Alice/EM8 form factor monoblock split.

The btrfly

The btrfly by SolidusHal is a Dactyl Manuform fork with joint halves and without the keywells (git, pics).