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RAMA Duck switch

RAMA Duck switches come with integrated dampening pads.
Published June 17, 2022

The DUCK switch, designed by RAMA, utilizes TPU dampening pads (christened MUTE pads) which act as a medium between the top and bottom housing, creating a tighter fit.

These switches are linear and come standard with a long pole POM stem, a polycarbonate top housing, two-stage spring, nylon bottom housing, "polished stem rails", and the MUTE mounting pads which are "co-moulded to the bottom housing".

I don't feature switches too often, partly because I'm not familiar enough with this topic, try to avoid hoarding, and – well – couldn't differentiate between most linear switches in a blind test to be honest.

However, with regards to this specific switch, if we can manage to separate the actual product from the price range and marketing bullshit, we can acknowledge that this is something innovative.

In development for over the past six months, we are excited to introduce our latest innovation – the DUCK switch. We have translated our MUTE mounting platform (found in the KARA, M60-B, M65-B and U80-B) into an MX switch – @ramaworks.

Allegedly, this will allow the switch to have a deeper and consistent sound profile whilst eliminating the need for switch-films.


RAMA also claims that the DUCK switch provides an excellent platform to build from for those wanting to create their own frankenswitches. They most likely mean the bottom housing with the four MUTE pads but for $1.2 per switch? I don't know.


  • linear
  • two-stage 63g black spring – "giving you a subtle weight change toward the middle actuation"
  • 70g bottom-out
  • polycarbonate top housing – allows seamless light distribution throughout the top of the switch
  • nylon bottom housing – for deeper sound ("when in tandem with the long pole POM stem")
  • polished stem rails
  • long pole POM stem
  • factory lubed

Without encouraging anyone to buy these, here is the link to the preorder page:

Published on Fri 17th Jun 2022. Featured in KBD #83.

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