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A once popular tool has been shut down due to the lack of users. RIP, 9 January 2017 - 13 March 2021 (git). Sent by -George- (source).
Published March 14, 2021
Creators! Feel free to tip me off about your keyboard related projects to bring them to 100K readers.

Back in 2018, this tool helped me to breath life into my first Pro Micro and later to visualize the matrix for my first handwired projects, e.g the Storm46.

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Published on Sun 14th Mar 2021. Featured in KBD #17 (source).


Hotswap PCB generator

The 3D-printable hotswap PCB generator by 50an6xy06r6n is now open-source.

Open source force curve meter

Open source force curve meter for MX-style switches by GreenPylons (repo, curves). website update website update by switchesmx (announcement).

Model H

Model H is a USB controller for IBM Model M – by John Hawthorn.

Remap - customize your keyboard from a browser

Remap is a VIA client clone to customize key mapping, LEDs and other features from your browser.

EZ MX switch opener

EZ MX switch opener. No more sore fingers? Posted by fnu_lnu_.