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The RP2040-Zero is a tiny RP2040 based controller with USB-C and 20(+9) GPIO pins.
Published December 11, 2021
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I wasn't aware of this controller until aka @0002ozlet mentioned it in a tweet about the cool836, a (closed source?) family of 30% keyboards with Alice like layouts.

Features of the RP2040-Zero:

  • RP2040 chip
  • USB-C
  • castellated pads
  • 20 easily accessible pins
  • 9 additional pins via solder points
  • dimensions: 18x23.5mm
  • price: $5-12

You can buy the RP2040-Zero on the original Waveshare website, and also on Aliexpress.

It's still difficult to evaluate because I only used it for one of my keyboards, but it may be good because it is easier to handle than a Raspberry Pi Pico or Pro Micro thanks to its small size –
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Published on Sat 11th Dec 2021. Featured in KBD #56 (source).


Epi controller

A new open-source controller with tiny footprint: Epi by u/rallekralle11.

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The 0xCB Helios is an Elite-C compatible development board sporting an RP2040 chip.

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