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Railroad keyboard

The Railroad keyboard, DiplomacyPunIn10Did's first design, is now open source.
Published October 31, 2021

For anyone interested in building my first keyboard design, I have made it open source – DiplomacyPunIn10Did.

PCB and plate files on GitHub:

While this layout is definitely not for everyone, the function keys in the center make it somewhat better ulnar-deviation-wise compared to a classic monoblock ortho. Also, utilizing a standard keycap set is a nice feature.

Published on Sun 31st Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #50 (source).

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Eternal Keypad

Kyek published his open-source gaming keypad for lefties.

FoldKB split ortho using standard keyset

The FoldKB by friglesnart and bakingpy is a split ortho using standard keyset.


The TSBYM is a custom ESP32 wireless split keyboard by cgxeiji, now with trackpads.

Paper & putty keyboard

This keyboard by e3w2 is made of construction paper and putty, and features a self-designed PCB (photos, sound test).

The naked split strikes back

The naked split ortho 40% by onebigdoor is back with fully addressable rgb backlighting (gallery). Still without plate, case and PCB.


The WhiteBoard is an open source 5x12 ortho by tinyduel.