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Penk Chen's Rasti64 is a 64-key, low-profile board sporting the author's custom keycap set.
Published January 25, 2024
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Penk Chen, author of the Penkesu deck, creator of the Mobop keycap profile and donor (thanks!) is back with Rasti64. This board is a 64-key, low-profile, staggered mechanical keyboard with a custom keycap set, that ticks a few niche boxes of the author.

Finally got time to make the PCB and release the keyboard – Penk.


  • 65% staggered layout with arrow keys
  • Low-profile Choc v1 switches are used
  • New custom keycap set
  • Works with standard Choc stabilizers and Choc spacing keycaps
  • Powered by RP2040-Zero (other compatible boards)
  • QMK/VIA firmware support

The layout is essentially a MacBook keyboard sans the Function row.

The case can be 3D printed (FDM/SLA) or CNC machined using the provided files. E.g. the showcased model in the top photo features a case CNC machined from Aluminum 6061 with a bead-blasted finish, and SLA-printed black resin keycaps.


Thanks to the low-pro switches, the whole build is under 15 mm (without the case).


Individual caps of the custom Mobop keycap set range from 1U to 2.25U, completed by a 4.75U spacebar that utilizes a 6.25U stabilizer.


Daily language lesson with

The name "Rasti" is derived from the German compound word "Rasterrahmen" (grid + framework).


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Published on Thu 25th Jan 2024. Featured in KBD #152.


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