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Chris Lo's rattlemebonez32 is a 32-key unibody pocket keyboard with minimal Choc spacing, CH552 MCU and FAK firmware.
Published April 10, 2024
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Chris Lo's (aka sporewoh) rattlemebonez32 pocket device is a 32-key monoblock keyboard with minimal Choc spacing – the bigger cousin to his idawgz32. Same minimalist key layout, more usable form factor, CH552 MCU, FAK firmware.

I wanted to show my newest and most affordable pocket keyboard, the rattlemebonez32. After hopping on the FAK firmware train, I wanted to make a slightly larger version of my $5 idawgz32. The board makes use of minimal choc spacing :).


  • 32 keys, angled unibody
  • Choc or KS33 (separate files)
  • 15mm x 15mm spacing (special keycaps needed)
  • CH552 MCU
  • two-part case
  • FAK firmware

The author recommends the Choc variant "as it's much easier to assemble (ks33 switches do not snap into the board, making soldering difficult but possible)".

The keys on this board are minimally spaced (15mm x 15mm), and as such will need special keycaps. The repo includes one, based on the Philidelphia minimalist.


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Published on Wed 10th Apr 2024. Featured in KBD #161 (source).


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