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Recreating the 1x2 LEGO keyboard

Introducing the 1x2: bringing a 25 year old keyboard sin back from the grave and on to your desk! Committed by jonathansouter.

I don't usually feature meme projects but this one deserves some love, especially because of the background story and great documentation:

Github repo:

The one by two harkens to a simpler time, where Denmark's simple pad printing technology heavily limited the number of switches your yellow plastic hands could accommodate. Using the familiar QERY layout and a 3u spacebar for maximum compatibility, the 1x2 sits a full 35mm off your desk surface with 0° of tilt for optimal ergonomics – uuupah.

Published on Mon 13th Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #43 (source).


LEGO plate as lubing station

LEGO plates can be used as lubing stations. Posted by DitlevB.

Converted Olympia Carrera

An Olympia Carrera typewriter turned into a custom keyboard by Jussapitka. Featuring a Pro Micro and some LEGO. It has Marquardt Series 6180 linear switches (discontinued in 95!).


LEGO keyboard stand (guide)

EnAyJay made a guide on how to make the LEGO stand (video).