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Rectangular ffkb case

A rectangular case for the ffkb shared by Sadek Baroudi.
Published February 5, 2023
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More inspiration from GEIST. I took my ffkb chunky low profile case, added a rectangle around it (while keeping the original case exposed), and made this – Sadek Baroudi.


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Published on Sun 5th Feb 2023. Featured in KBD #113 (source).


Rit dyeing a case

Making a case look less like plastic and more like glass - video by avgsgn.


Ajisai is a 58-key handwired monoblock wireless build by u/DCharlo.


Jonkey is an open-source split by u/SmashedTatoes, designed via ergogen.

Reviung41 case

Reviung41 with a twist – Delta 3D printed case and rotary mod by u/Stove24.

ffkb low profile trackball case

Sadek Baroudi published the files of this ffkb low profile trackball case.

Charybdis Nano

Quentin's Charybdis family is extending with the Nano – with open-source case files.