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Red Herring

The Red Herring by dj_edit is a split ergo 75% board similar to an Alice, but with columnar staggering.
Published October 25, 2021

Inspired by board like Boardrun Bizarre, Adelheid, Discipline & Mysterium, Mercutio, and Basketweave, this split ergo 75% prototype called Red Herring comes with a columnarly staggered layout.

The PCB features all through-hole components with the diodes laid out in a herringbone pattern that follows the contour of the top row keys. The designer left a lot of room around the rotary encoder, so it can fit a 48mm diameter knob. And finally, front and center is a 64x128 OLED display.

[…] this is just a prototype I'm doing for fun, but I am working on a rev 2. The case design will be improved functionally and aesthetically, and the next PCB will support a full 2.25u left shift. I'm also considering moving the caps lock LED up to the top instead of under the key, and also move the knob slightly over to make it look less crowded – dj_edit.

More photos in this gallery:

Published on Mon 25th Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #49 (source).

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