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Azel's Redpoll, a low-pro unibody keyboard, is made out of plywood.
Published January 18, 2024
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Azel (aka Azel4231) from Germany shared this handwired monoblock board: the Redpoll.

Beside making keyboards, in this hobby you constantly study either languages (mostly Japanese) or biology. This time we are back to ornithology:

The name is derived from the bird species called common redpoll.

The case was designed with Clojure and OpenScad, much like the Dactyl/Manuform projects.


  • 46 keys (basically 6x3+1, with four thumb keys per half)
  • unibody split, 36 degrees opening angle
  • low-profile, Choc spacing
  • wireless, powered by a nice!nano v2 running ZMK
  • case made out of laser cut birch plywood
  • handwired

Obviously, the most interesting part of the board is the use of wood for the case, more precisely plywood: five layers of 1.5 mm birch plywood (1/16″) totaling 8 mm (1/3″) in height. The top cutout is for the controller, the bottom one for the battery.


Redpoll, birch. So I don't leave you without a new foreign word to learn, here is today's trivia:

The redpoll’s life is closely connected to birches. So close in fact, that the German name is derived from it („Birkenzeisig“) – Azel.


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Published on Thu 18th Jan 2024. Featured in KBD #151 (source).


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