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Reuters tear-down

A detailed write-up by dovenyi on the Reuters trading keyboard.

I waited 8 months with the tear-down after posting the first photo of this Reuters keyboard from 1985.

Now you can read it here:

Published on Thu 19th Aug 2021. Featured in KBD #40 (source).


NEC phone switchboard

A NEC phone switchboard discovered in an abandoned building by Happyboi225 & co.

IBM 3278

Well, mrprofessor007 was supposed to buy a house, instead...


A 112-key macropad

The The ultimate macropad or G(igantic)FO with relgendable keycaps and MX style switches. Spotted by Technofrikus.

Old electron microscope

An old electron microscope: plastic keys recessed in wood. Spotted by IAmAQuantumMechanic.