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The revxlp by Cyril279 was inspired by the Reviung series, but it is designed for Choc switches.
Published December 5, 2022

The revlp or Rev-lp is not new, it was published almost a year and a half ago. However, referenced by Pete Johanson's revxpl, I wanted to post about it for the sake of completeness.

Designed by cyril279, the revlp is based on the Reviung41/39 by gtips, but supports v1 and v2 Kailh choc switches (pg1350 & pg1353), and comes in three flavors:

  • 39_1350: 39-key Reviung, 18x17mm spacing, v1 switches; hotswap, single-color backlit
  • 41_1350: 41-key Reviung, 18x17mm spacing, v1 switches; hotswap, single-color backlit
  • 41_1353: 41-key Reviung, 19mm square spacing, v2 (& v1) switches; soldered switches, no lighting


Published on Mon 5th Dec 2022. Featured in KBD #106.

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