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The Reviung-inspired ReviungDash47 by tumler comes with some extra keys.
Published February 22, 2023

Tumler's REVIUNGDASH47 is a 47-48 key column staggered unibody keyboard inspired by the Reviung41 (and the Ergodash) – hence the name.

Due to size constraints of my 2nd desk, I needed something smaller and opted for a single body. As the Reviung41 keyboards always stood out to me, I decided to go for it. However, with the layout I ended up finding comfortable on the Ergodash, I needed more keys (I also use CAD software at times so I have 1 hand on the mouse, so I wanted to have all the CTRL shortcuts easily accessible – that means having the CTRL key in the corner – tumler.


Differences compared to the REVIUNG41:

  • 6 corner keys added
  • Spacebar can be either a single switch or have 2x 1u switches (inspired by the Ergodash which allows choosing the thumb keys)
  • The RGB led on the front was rerouted to be first (as the author would rather have one led and don't use the underglow – this allows to not have to solder all the other leds but they can be if needed)


Published on Wed 22nd Feb 2023. Featured in KBD #114 (source).

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The open-source monoblock Crowboard by KeyboardDweebs has been around for half a year now. Better late than never.


Keyberon, a handwired unibody with parametric case by TeXitoi rediscovered.


The Chocofly is a 60-key low-pro monoblock split by vitvlkv.

Yamada Willow

Daraku-Neko's Yamada Willow is a monoblock split with the Willow layout and an ambidextrous numpad.

Mantis with Hex caps

The Mantis prototype, shared by Felix Kuehling, is designed around the Hex caps.


A 3D-printed, handwired keyboard by u/aionskull: the primpkeeb.