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Rhino Pad

Claude of Kea Workshop shared the files of his Rhino Pad, a macropad for CAD work.
Published February 8, 2024
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Announced last September, the Rhino Pad, designed by Kea Workshop's Claude, is a compact macropad tailored for Computer-Aided Drawing.


With 13 keys and an encoder that can be programmed for any macro in your program, it supports QMK or ZMK with either a Pro Micro compatible controller (QMK) or the Nice!Nano V2 (ZMK).

  • 13 keys, Choc, MX spaced(!)
  • encoder
  • exposed diode cluster
  • Pro Micro/Nice!Nano (QMK/ZMK)


This little board is now open source, but you can buy the PCB or kit at Kea Workshop, the author's shop too – shipping from New Zealand.

I wanted the macropad to look good, and not be too bare on the PCB, so i was inspired by some full size keyboards where the diodes are visible to create a diode pattern in the rhino pad for some 'functional art' in a way – Claude.

Along with the macropad there are also some 3D printable Choc keycaps released, inspired by the Work Louder caps. For MX spacing 19.05mm x 19.05mm, not the usual Choc keycap spacing though! You can find these uniform spherical 3D printed keycaps on printables.


The case is 3D printed and instead of screws it uses 3mm x 2mm x 1mm magnets to hold it and sandwich the plate together.

Since the Rhinopad was designed around the Nice!Nano so it can be wireless, it includes pads for a 301230 lipo battery and a switch, but also supports regular microcontrollers like most other ergo keyboards.

I mainly designed it for CAD usage so I did not have to take my hands off of the macropad and move my arms around every command, while still being as fast. It's got 13 keys which isn't many, but I personally take advantage of tap dance and layers. The encoder is also super helpful, which I use as undo and redo for my cad program – Claude.


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Published on Thu 8th Feb 2024. Featured in KBD #154.


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