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Riskeyboard70 PCB

Riskeyboard70 by riskable: - Fairly uncommon features like 3D printed 'parametric' Hall effect switches, magnetically stabilized stabilizers, LED output (!) - just to name a few. This showcase of ideas is from another planet.
Published December 20, 2020

In this video riskable introduces his latest PCB project with some really interesting features (e.g. USB hub, LED output, extra power in etc.).

The keyboard features 3D printed Hall effect switches, which are springless, inherently hotswappable and 'parametric': I see how the weight can be customized by swapping the magnets, but parametric key travel means printing another stab I guess.

Also, magnetically stabilized stabilizers, anyone?

Published on Sun 20th Dec 2020. Featured in KBD #5 (source).

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Adelheid build

The Adelheid by floookay is an Arisu-fork with function keys (repo). Built by Ok_Promotion_6175.

Architeuthis dux with case

I like tapioki's designs as much as I hate his naming conventions – Dux with a case by Jonathan Dart.

Raspberry Pi Pico macropad

A Raspberry Pi Pico macro board by EnviousMedia.

Elephant42 panda

An update to illness72's original elephant42: palette-system shared elephant42 panda, a new version with an I/O expander.

Bolt Industries Pico 87

An open-source tenkeyless mechanical keyboard powered by a Raspberry Pi Pico and BMK, a custom Arduino IDE firmware.

Atoll case

A resin printed case designed by u/wthrll for his 40% Atoll PCB.