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Rock On keyboard

Fingerpunch Keyboards' monoblock Rock On in a mesmerizing case by u/chewiedies.
Published February 27, 2022
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It seems chewiedies laid hold of one of Sadek Baroudi's spare Rock On prototype PCBs (not released yet) and put it in a cool 3D-printed case.

The Rock On, which was introduced early February, is Sadek's 9th keyboard design, and will probably be sold in his new shop at

However, the fingerpunch site is still under development and purchases are not yet supported.

Note that this board requires an elite-c. The pro micro does not have enough pins to support this many keys, per key leds, and an OLED – sadekbaroudi.

While neither the PCB nor the case is open-source at the moment, at least you can find the STLs of the wrist rest bumper here.

This is a bumper I made for my Brila wrist rests. Over time the bottoms of my Brila pads became not so sticky. So I made this to punch it up a bit and to add some low pro silicone to the bottom. I used the leftover bits from a sheet of silicone rubber bumpons. That stuff is not just trash! – chewiedies.

The wrist res bumpers come in three versions: flat, tented at 14 degrees, and tilted at 9 degrees.

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Published on Sun 27th Feb 2022. Featured in KBD #67 (source).



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